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ACT is made up of leaders and organizers who are building power to improve the lives of our families, communities, regions, and nations.



We organize the two universal sources of power -- organized people and organized money -- so that our organizations can move powerful institutions in the governmental and private sectors to act.


We are non-ideological and pragmatic -- building relationships, based on shared interests, across the lines that tend to divide us.  We are also strictly non-partisan, not favoring or supporting any party, but fiercely favoring and supporting those issues and strategies that bring more dignity and greater opportunity to an ever-widening circle of society.


We challenge people to imagine the change they can accomplish, connect leaders to multiply their power, and organize people by the thousands to make their voices heard. We set high goals, design innovative strategies, and stick with issues until they are fully addressed. Our time frame is not the market cycle or the news cycle or the election cycle, but the generational cycle of families and institutions.


We believe it is time for a new capacity and generation of grassroots leaders in Anne Arundel County who unite to solve issues at the local and county level. Since August, 2016, ACT has provided leadership training to over 1,000 local County residents. Our training identifies and builds leaders and power in our institutions. 


ACT does not seek nor receive government funding, relying on contributions and private funding. We do not endorse candidates or work with or for any political parties, however, we do invite candidates to endorse ACT.  View our Discrimination Policy  HERE




Julie Carlson, First Presbyterian Church of Annapolis

Rev. Stephen Tillett, Asbury Broadneck United Methodist Church


Peggy Johnson, Asbury Broadneck United Methodist Church


Linda Hanifin Bonner, First Presbyterian Church of Annapolis

Strategy Team Members

Col. (Ret.) Rudwan Abu-Rumman, Anne Arundel County Muslim Council

Rev. Dr. Carletta Allen, Asbury United Methodist Church, Annapolis

Rev. John Crestwell, Unitarian Universalist Church of Annapolis

Dominique Scurry, First Christian Community Church of Annapolis/Woodside Garden's Residents Association

Rev. Timothy Stern, Ark and Dove Presbyterian Church



With Gratitude for the Service of:

Catherine Shultz, First Presbyterian Church of Annapolis

Laura Daugherty, Ark and Dove Presbyterian Church of Annapolis

Cynamon Butler, Woods Memorial Presbyterian Church 

Rev. Monique Ellison, St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church 

Elder Audrey Gross, First Christian Community Church

Linda Mundy, Unitarian Universalist Church of Annapolis 

Karen Neale, St. Philip’s Episcopal Church 

Yevola Peters, St. Philip’s Episcopal Church 

Toni Strong Pratt, First Christian Community Church 

Rev. Dr. Heather Shortlidge, First Presbyterian Church of Annapolis 

Monica Alvarado, Bread and Butter Kitchen

Jo Ann Mattson, The Light House Inc.

Katie Zinler, Organizer:
Cynthia Marshall, MD Organizer:
Maurita Bowie, Communications Administrator:

Join Our Staff!  We are searching for a Bookkeeper.  Click HERE for inf0
Other Employment Opportunities:  

Communications Director - Info Here

Community Organizer - Info Here

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