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Turnaround Thursday is the development of a movement in Anne Arundel County that will prepare returning citizens and underemployed persons who are seeking to reenter the workforce as leaders — prepared, trained, and eager to begin gainful, living wage employment in opportunities created by ACT.  Inspired by the successful Turnaround Tuesday movement in Baltimore, ACT was inspired to create Turnaround Thursday - Anne Arundel County. Because of our established relationships, and by working with County Executive Steuart Pittman, we were granted more than $1MM to initiate Turnaround Thursday - Anne Arundel County. Turnaround Tuesday - Baltimore has had a greater than 70% two-year retention rate for its participants. These individuals are prepared, motivated, and ready to work, thrive, and ultimately, to lead in their places of employment, families, and communities.  


Join leaders from across ACT in engaging with your community members to identify ACT's new agenda. By the end of May, we will listen to 1,695 people across our communities to train and develop new leaders and identify our top priorities as an organization. For more information and to get involved click here.

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