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ACT members set Vision to ACT for 2020

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

At the first Annual Meeting held Thursday, November 14, 2019 at Ark and Dove Presbyterian Church, ACT members celebrated a year of victories around gun violence safety, fair and safe housing, education, immigration, transportation and mental health and addiction. The member institutions elected new strategy team members, caucused about our commitments and made three dates for 1:1s with three people they don't know...yet!

The frame of the evening was set by Imam Aamir Sheikh of the Islamic Society of Annapolis and the call to action from Rev. Steve Tillett reminded attendees that we "must remain committed to building relationships in this county that will transcend neighborhood transcend ideology, transcend denomination and our individual spiritual beliefs, transcend ethnicity and skin color, transcend income ....and will unite us as brothers and sisters sharing a sacred journey on this planet called earth where we are convicted and convinced that none of us can do it alone and that if we want to go far, we will have to do it together."

A big star of the night was Heaven White who shared her story of her family's struggle in Annapolis public housing and her new mission to set it right for herself and others. She asked ACT members to stand with her. Every one of the 157+ attendees stood and committed to continue to do so until she and her neighbors can live in a safe and respectful home. Because ACT is here to stay!

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