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In-person worship, Feed Anne Arundel, and more


  • Statement regarding in-person worship

  • Our Faith in the midst of Coronavirus: actions we can take together

  • Feed Anne Arundel Campaign Appeal

  • Join a Research Action Team

Statement regarding in-person worship

ACT has talked with our faith leaders about Anne Arundel County’s decision to keep Houses of Worship effectively closed to the act of in-person public worship for the time being. We heard that all of us are taking steps toward re-opening. Yet our consensus is clear:now is not the time to re-open.

We look forward with great hope to that moment when we all may gather, sing, pray, and hold one another as we so love to do. But we are called to be good citizens, which means we do not endanger the lives of others. Until the time our worship will not cause such endangerment, our congregations have told us they will not re-open. Instead, we will pray, take responsible steps toward re-opening, and continue to advise, and be advised by, one another and our local leadership on the way we should go. READ THE FULL STATEMENT HERE. Our Faith in the midst of Coronavirus: actions we can take together

  • Preparing for the Post-Quarantine Church. FC3 Wednesday FaceBook LiveMay 27, 2020, 7:00 p.m. Host: Rev. Dr. Karen V. Johnson with guests: Pastor Matthew Watley - Kingdom Fellowship AME, Rev. Dr.  Zina Pierre - Bethel Restoration Church, and Pastor Amin Flowers - L.I.F.E. Church Ministries

  • Re-purposing our sacred spaces & land Research Action Team in light of the pandemic. Contact Rev. Dr. Carletta Allen (Asbury UMC) at

  • Re-Opening Congregations Research Action Team: Contact Rev. Tim Stern (Ark and Dove Presbyterian Church) at

Feed Anne Arundel Campaign Appeal ACT's Feed Anne Arundel Campaign has moved over $100,000 back into our local economy while feeding 15,000 people and keeping dozens of people in paid employment. Take a moment to listen to the latest campaign appeal video. If you can give, please do, but please share! We encourage our faith communities to share this during sacred services.  View and download: Share on Facebook: Join a Research Action Team At last week's County-wide Steering Team meeting, we re-launched and re-focused our Research Action Team efforts based on what we've been hearing on-the-ground. If you have experience and relationships in these fields, we welcome your work! Please reach out to the teams below! Missed the Steering Committee Meeting? Read Rev. Tillett's Frame/Call to Action here.

  • Housing: Continuing eviction prevention. Contact Toni Strong-Pratt (First Christian)

  • Behavioral and Mental Health: Psychological First Responders. Contact Dr. Caren Carney (Joy Reigns) 

  • Food Security to Food Sovereignty: Farmers Markets; Organizing farmers, co-ops, and supply chains, and Community gardens. Contact Monica Alvarado (Bread & Butter Kitchen)

  • Education and housing. Exploring the relationship between school capacity, historic racism, and affordable housing. Contact Karen Neale (St. Philip's). 

  • Education and food: Who is not getting food due to restrictions on who can pick up school lunches. Contact Julie Carlson (First Presbyterian). 

  • Gun Violence and Criminal Justice. Contact Linda Mundy (Unitarian Universalist).

  • Re-purposing our sacred spaces & land in light of the pandemic. Contact Rev. Dr. Carletta Allen (Asbury UMC). 

  • Responding to the lifting of the stay-at-home order. Developing a collective response and leadership. Contact Rev. Tim Stern (Ark and Dove). 

  • Closing the digital divide. Figuring out how to get digital access into communities that most need it and the power analysis behind that. Contact Erin Snell (Unitarian Universalist)

  • Training: Core Teams. Contact Rev. Ryan Sirmons, to set up core team training with your institutions. 

  • Fundraising. Build our organizing capacity for more power! Contact Julie Carlson (First Presbyterian). 

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