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ACT Update

ACT Weekly Leadership Check-in via Zoom, Tues., Mar. 24, 2:30-3:30pm

We want to hear from you:

1) How are you and your people?

2) What do you need?

3) What ideas do you have for us to take action on?

Join us via Zoom video at or call (301) 715-8592, Meeting ID 386 868 234. Using Zoom meetings, we’ll spend time breaking up into groups to share our concerns and ideas together, as well as spend some time in communal multifaith prayer. Please take some time to join us, and please tell community leaders that you want them to join you on this call.


1) #FeedAnneArundelIn partnership with local restaurants and the AACo Partnership for Children, Youth, and Families, and led by Monica Alvarado of Bread and Butter Kitchen, ACT has launched #FeedAnneArundel. Our goal is simple: feed people with healthy, nutritious meals; keep people employed; and keep local businesses operating. We used a GoFundMe to run a trial action on Saturday, and not only fed 300 people, but also got five people into paid work who otherwise would not have had it. We’ll be feeding 500+ more on Monday, and plan to rise to 1,200 meals per day if we can get the funding together. Read our Day 1 Report here  and tell your elected officials you want them to support #FeedAnneArundel. You can follow the campaign on the #FeedAnneArundel Facebook page, and read the March 20 article in the Capital Gazette.

2) Sheltering People Experiencing Homelessness. Our member institution, Light House Homeless Prevention Support Center, reached out to ACT for help in making sure that its residents, who generally stay in communal living spaces that cannot abide by social distancing protocols, could get into secure housing. ACT brought these to the County, which has taken action and moved at least 16 residents, with plans for more, into secure shelter for the time being. Jo Ann Mattson, executive director of the Light House and a member of the ACT Strategy Team, is also advising the county’s health department on how we can set up facilities for people experiencing homelessness across the county.

3) Education. ACT leaders such as Erin Snell (Unitarian Universalist Church/Charting Careers) are working on locating laptop computers in the schools and internet access to children in need in the county. If you would like to work with Erin on this, please contact her at

We’re also investigating if people employed by our schools have been let go without pay. If this is you or someone you know, please email Karen Neale (St Philip’s and ACT Strategy Team) at

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