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ACT was launched in 2018 but we began meeting with faith leaders across religions and cultures in 2015.  We met regularly, holding Conversations on Race while listening to issues caused by inequity that were affecting our friends, congregations, and neighbors. In 2016, after nine months of participating in hard/honest/humbling  conversations we came together and made a collaborative decision, we decided that we must ACT together. From January - August  2017 leaders from 16 faith and community organizations formed strategy and steering teams and met monthly to build relationships and receive leadership and community organizing training.  On September 28, 2017 - 400 attendees from 16 faith communities made a commitment to form a pre-sponsoring committee at Asbury United Methodist Church.  ACT brought in 2018 by holding relational mixers at four of our member institutions.  By May of 2018 we held the ACT Leadership Training Institute: Relational Meetings at Congregation Kol Shalom and 120 were in attendance.  One month later (June 2018) we held the ACT Leadership Training Institute: Listening Sessions at St. Philip's with almost 200 people in attendance.  ACT made great strides in July of 2018 as we held a gathering of 560+ from faith and community organizations to hear results of our county-wide listening campaign of 1,500 residents.  We also formed our Research Action Teams around issues of Gun Violence, Safe and Affordable Housing, Transportation, Education, Mental Health and Addictions and Immigration.  

On October 4, 2018, ACT (Anne Arundel Connecting Together) is historically launched with 1,200+ people, and 25+ faith and community organizations in attendance at First Christian Community Church. ACT is the fourth affiliate in the state of Maryland, joining Baltimoreans United In Leadership Development (BUILD), Action In Montgomery (AIM), and People Acting Together in Howard (PATH).

Our First Annual Meeting was held on November 14, 2019 at Ark & Dove Presbyterian.


Through the years leading us into 2023, ACT has remained triumphant as we came to action the minute COVID entered our community.  We have held our community at the forefront of our actions while building great relationships and power without a pause.  View our Victories Here.   

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